SDG World Records ( documents and celebrates superlative achievements that are the best in the world. Record breaking is a serious business, which means there are strict policies governing what constitutes a record in order to maintain these high standards. Here is an overview of the considerations at the heart of any record assessment.


Each record must fulfil all of the following criteria. They must be:

• Linked with one of the SDG – Is it related to a sustainable development goal and its target?

    (if more than one, please submit two or more applications, around 60 words per record) 

• The best in the world - Has anyone else done better?

   If a record suggestion is new then SDG World Record will set a challenging minimum requirement

   for challengers to beat.

• Verifiable – Will there be accurate evidence (exact number) available to prove it occurred?

• Measurable – How will you know when you’ve reached it?

• Breakable – Can the record be broken? encourage each other to do more sustainability


In order for us to verify your achievement we require a number of pieces of evidence, this will vary depending on the record's characteristics you are applying.



SDG World Records does not endorse:

• Violation of the Sustainable Development Goals and their values.

• Unsuitable activities or those which could cause potential harm or danger to spectators.

• Illegal activities in pursuit of record breaking.